What after 10th?

What after 10th? Explore the Various Career Options After 10th Std

Before you decide what to do after 10th std, it is important that you become aware of a critical factor for success in your chosen profession. Have you ever wondered why school education, especially 9th to 12th class, is extremely important? Your exam scores are one part of it considering how competitive it is to land a seat in the hallowed campuses of the IITs and other prestigious institutions, but there is another reason, albeit an overlooked one, that plays a crucial role in your future career. And that is none other than the core subjects that you will be studying in 11th & 12th. Be it Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics if you are a Science student or Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies if you are a Commerce student, these subjects form the core of your undergraduate degree in college. The foundation for all engineering degrees lies in the basic sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Accounting is the backbone of finance and business. Lack of strong understanding of the basics will hinder your ability to grasp the advanced topics that will be covered in college. For this reason alone, it is important that you take your 11th & 12th studies seriously. Following are some Q&A that will help you in choosing the stream that best suits your needs and abilities.

Science, Commerce & Humanities are the three streams available after 10th for 11th & 12th class studies and you have to choose one of them for your further studies.

Science: This stream is extremely popular in India considering that it is the gateway to professional courses and career options such as engineering and medicine. Also, students from a science background can apply for commerce, humanities courses in college but the same does not hold true the other way around. If you are interested in engineering, medicine and science related fields, this will fit you perfectly.

Commerce: This stream is great for students who are serious about pursuing a career in finance, accounts, chartered accountancy, economics, banking, business and management. Students from a commerce background are eligible to apply for humanities courses in college as the eligibility criteria for most humanities courses are english in 11th &12th.

Humanities: This stream will fit students who are interested in courses such as history, political science, literature, arts, dance, music etc.

Many students change streams in the middle of 11th std. If your school does not allow such changes, you can try moving to a new school. If that does not work, you can always choose the course of your choice when you apply to colleges for admissions at the end of 12th std provided you clear their eligibility criteria.

This is a very common issue among Indian students. On top of the insane peer pressure, we also have to fulfil our parents and societyís expectations of us. One of the first things you must understand with such an issue is that parents want only the best for their children. If they want you to pursue engineering or medicine, it is because they want you to get a good job, salary and settle down well in your life. In such cases, you need to take a firm stand and make them gently understand why taking up the stream of your choice will benefit you in the long run. If possible, try doing a powerpoint presentation and display it to them detailing all the pros and cons of the stream you are interested in, your future plans, job opportunities in that stream etc. This will give them the confidence that you know what you are getting into.

Do not let go of your dreams just because you are weak in a particular subject. Many students have gone on to conquer mathematics and excel in their chosen field of study. If you feel you are weak in mathematics or for that matter any other subject, then put all your focus and attention on that subject and see how you can improve. Analyze your mistakes to see where you are going wrong. Make sure to get the problems correct no matter how long they take. Do not worry about not being able to solve problems within a stipulated time frame. You are just learning and your focus must be on understanding the concepts correctly and solving the problems. Once you start solving problems with ease, you can work on time management and speed. But, until then, concentrate on understanding the subject.

Courses such as visual communications, journalism and electronic media are open to students from all streams, be it commerce, science or humanities, as long as they study english in 11th &12th.

Computer science, medicine and management degrees pay very well BUT don't take up these courses just because they are well paying. Take courses that you are passionate about. How will this help? When you are super interested in what you do, you will work hard, accomplish a lot in terms of grades and projects, enjoy your studies and come across as a very confident individual. This will help a great deal during interviews, higher studies etc and before you know it you will be making a lot of money and enjoying your life as well.