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1 CBSE vs ICSE vs State Board
India is home to multiple boards of education such as CBSE, CICSE and State Board. This diversity has caused a great deal of difficulty and confusion among both students and parents. Read More...

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Undergraduate years are truly golden, be it making great friends for life, developing one's personality or forging your own career path. Read More...

3 Job Sites in India
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4 Land Summer Internships abroad

We have outlined a 3-step process towards finding that perfect internship with full funding and visa sponsorship. This process can also be used for landing a final year engineering project abroad with full funding. Read More...

5 Guide to MS in CS in USA
Every year, thousands of Indian students arrive in the United States for pursuing their graduate studies in Computer Science. Moving to a new country and being all by yourself is a very daunting task. Read More...

6 MOOCs and online study tools
The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) that enables people all over the world to access quality education. While it is still being debated whether MOOCs can replace traditional college settings, Read More...

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